top 5 anxiety hacks


I saw a friend for a moment yesterday that I hadn’t seen much lately because we’ve both been go-go-go. In our short catch up conversation we touched on feelings of overwhelm, recognizing our pre-burnout phases, and waiting on the reward.

Later in the day I heard from another friend and found definite similarities in our discussion as the one I’d had earlier. And that just sort of confirmed that while we may all be on our very own paths of entrepreneurship, we are not necessarily going them alone.

And, you know, this isn’t really news, but it can sometimes get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of juggling your own business with life (or heck, even a day job too). Beyond the curated feeds, we’re all dealing with stuff, trying to find balance, and working for that reward.


This topic prompts so many ideas / thoughts for me, but for today, I’m simply sharing my top five ways of dealing with some of the anxieties of being your own boss.

  1. Just breathe. When the work / life (or work / work / life) balance is feeling totally out of balance, I literally remind myself to breathe. Take a deep breath, maybe a few, and find a moment of calm.

  2. Go to the water. There is no place more soothing than the beach for me; the waves, the warm sand, the vast sky. When making the trek to the coast isn’t doable, I walk around our nearby lake or take a dip in the pool or even take a long shower. Water is definitely my healing element.

  3. Get to steppin. When I really need to get out of my head, I put the earphones in and my sneakers on. Going for a walk and listening to a podcast is a great break from the daily hustle. And the occasional dance break is pretty helpful too.

  4. Make a mess. Painting is my therapy. While I do try to not make an actual mess, making one on the canvas is somehow so comforting. Just get lost in the movement of the brush and create something beautiful. In my most stressful moments, I feel really drawn to paint.

  5. Clean it. Who’d have thought a chore could be relaxing?! But cleaning can sometimes be a nice distraction. And the result is certainly worth it. I feel and focus so much better in a clean office / house / space. Instant gratification.

    Again, this topic brings a lot of ideas to the forefront — I actually just jotted down a few to save for later. It’s something I’d love to talk more about with you on or offline. If you’re open to chatting online, continue the conversation below or on Instagram.


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