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Let’s talk about OVERTHINKING.

We've all done it. Despite efforts made, most of us still do it.

Sometimes it’s a quick trip and then every now then it’s a days (dare I say months?) long ride. Who’s aboard?

isn’t this the prettiest train? took this in raleigh randomly one day!

isn’t this the prettiest train? took this in raleigh randomly one day!

I have been riding that train for far too long in my shop business, bird + beau.  If a friend or fellow maker were having this issue, I’m certain I’d have a different perspective to share some solid advice.  But going in circles when you’re too far “in it” is a sure fire ticket to crazy town.

So naturally, I went to my friends about it… only after listening to countless podcasts, like trying to self diagnosis with Google.  Not necessarily a good idea.  The friends, they did help though.  Mostly!  (I mean, gotta take the train all the way, right?!  No hopping off before destination sanity.)

Basically, over the last few months, I got hung up on if my offerings were still in line with my target audience and if my collections made sense to anyone other than me.  In deciding to do a site refresh, and possibly some brand updates, I started overthinking ALL OF IT.  End stop.  (This is where the train came to a screeching halt for a minute before taking the turn to procrastination city.)

Why am I sharing this?  Well, my goal here is to help other makers, doers, and entrepreneurs… and what better way to learn than from our collective mistakes?  My experiences (the good, bad, and ugly) in making and owning a small business are what ultimately help me help you most!

In this instance, I’ve settled on getting back to making bird + beau fun, letting go of some of my expectations and loosening my parameters a little because that’s what makes sense for me, in that biz, right now.

Your “overthinking it” sitch could be far different, so here’s the advice I’d give a friend:

  • Get out of your head for a minute (but for real, like an hour, an afternoon, a day).  How?  Take a walk, get a massage, go to a class + learn something new, go on a date.

  • When you’re ready come back to it refreshed.  Treat yourself to a coffee/tea, nix any distractions, and approach it with a clear mind.

  • Break out what that “it” is.  Are there smaller questions/goals you can answer first?  Maybe it’s not as big a deal as you really think OR perhaps solving a series of tinier problems will get you there faster.

  • Take your time, but use it wisely.  Don’t rush yourself.  Start at the beginning if you have to, make a list, bubble out a brainstorm, and come back to it if necessary.  Don’t get caught in the procrastination trap (hello, senseless social media scrolling).

  • Talk it out.  Call a friend.  Hash it out over ice cream (or wine).  Seriously, if ever you find yourself aboard the “overthinkin’ it train” and need a ride home, call me.

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