word v. goals

A new year brings new goals. Do you make them? Do you break them?


I can’t not talk about GOALS. We’re halfway into the first month of the year and it’s all anyone’s talking about.

But honestly, I don’t exactly do new year’s goals. I already know I need to gym more, drink less, eat better. Now’s a good time to try again.

I have instituted Whole30 dinners in our house for the foreseeable future, if that counts. Otherwise, I’m more of a yearly word person. That and a just stick to my morals and general aspirational outlook person.

If you’re into words too, mine is “adventurous” this year. But I don’t mean it in the typical I want to go to Bali and climb mountains and dive off cliffs kinda way. While I do definitely want to travel and explore, I’m using my word o’ the year to bring a little more adventure into my daily routine.

To see the adventure in everything makes it an experience, something to enjoy, to be proud of, to have fun with. So that’s the point really, to not lose sight of that. It feels especially relevant considering this marks the start of my first year working from home. What an adventure indeed!

What’s your word or goals or even thoughts on all this?

kristin austinComment