kaus. that's me.


It’s actually been one month to the day of having started working for myself, officially.  I swear I didn’t plan to post this in conjunction with that, it’s just fate.

Fate.  Like when you have so many things you LOVE to do, but something you also kinda HAVE to do, and then the person in charge of that thing you have to do, says “nope, nevermind.”  And you find yourself with all the time to do the things you love.

I’ll take it.

Things have a way of working out.  Until last month, I had an old and obscure portfolio (using that term loosely) residing in some dark corner of the internet.  And I had a rarely used Instagram under the same moniker, that more or less served as my portfolio because that’s how bad the other was.

It’s not that I couldn’t curate a beautiful IG feed or create a functioning site; I’ve done it, I do it.  I just didn’t.  Self doubt?  Fear?  A lacking mindset?  Maybe.  All of the above.

But I LOVE designing.  I would literally take on projects and profess my enthusiasm into the air, to my husband, to anyone listening as I worked.  And I would think and say aloud “I should be doing THIS.”

And now, I AM!

As of a month ago, I changed up my name and I set forth to create a better, shinier, happier portfolio that lives in a much brighter spot on the web, near a window overlooking the sea with palm trees swaying by the shore.

To note, I actually live in the city, but growing up at the beach (and then returning as soon as I was old enough to move out on my own) certainly inspires me still.

So, here I am.  kaus (pronounced k-oss).  That’s me.  It’s Kristin Austin, but for the sake of a cool Instagram handle and domain, kauscreative it is.  Here I am, showing up to help other creative entrepreneurs find beauty in the chaos.  We all have it.  It’s what we make of it that matters.

I am thrilled to finally be HERE.  I can’t wait to connect and collaborate.

And I’m also super excited to see where this adventure leads — somewhere warm, I hope!  In fact, I keep telling my husband that next year we will finally take our Cali trip. 

(This is me putting that out to the world.  Fate, where you at?)

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