dancin' into 2019


Tap and move those feet!  Dancin’ into 2019 like… heyyy!

I’m excited for the fresh start a new year brings.  This last one was brutal.  It was also pretty amazing.  I think at multiple points in the year I described myself as being on an emotional rollercoaster… lots of highs and lots of scary lows.  I’m not really sure how else to best describe it.

It doesn’t seem fair to discount all of the good things that happened, so I won’t say 2018 was totally a bust.  Multiple friends celebrated new beginnings with weddings and babies and houses.  Two of our brothers even got hitched!  We vacationed in OBX in spring, Turks for a week in summer, opened a pop up shop, and had plenty to enjoy and be thankful for.

Despite all those happy moments, it was an incredibly hard year.  The first half was spent in and out of hospitals with my grandfather and the second was spent in heartbreak after losing him.  I’m not sure that will ever really go away, but I do know that he would want me to be smiling and making the most of each day.

The new year feels like just the reset button I need.  Here’s to having a positive outlook, being a bright ray of sunshine in someone’s day, seeing the good in people, being completely authentic (because life isn’t always as pretty as Instagram makes you think), soaking up the goodness, learning from past experiences, celebrating all the little wins, cheering on one another, and sharing all the odd, helpful, thoughtful, curious stories that make up our days.  These are both my promises to you and hopes from you for 2019.  Cheers!



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