color match pt. I


Someone recently asked how to select brand colors and I honestly had to think about it for a moment. For me, it’s an innate gravitational pull toward particular hues. I actually started spouting off about feelings before I realized I probably sounded a tad too woo woo for her. She didn’t need (or really even care) to know, she was simply making conversation. So I tried to quickly sum up an impossibly un-sum-uppable topic.

Perhaps she didn’t have a use for my branding chatter, but it occurred to me that YOU might! You and I, we’re on the same page. You want your brand to be beautiful, I want your shop to shine, we’re in this together. So let’s get a lil woo woo with it!

Questions I often ask when I’m beginning a project:

  • How do you feel about your brand?

  • How do your goods/services make others feel? OR how do you want them to make folks feel?

  • What are three words that describe your business?

Lots of FEELINGS goin’ on! That’s a good thing. Let them guide you. Feelings flow through every aspect of a brand, but for the sake of this post, we’ll stick to the colors.

twinning bird + beau clutch and essie polish

twinning bird + beau clutch and essie polish

What colors do you notice most throughout your home? In your closet? Those can be the best clues to actually notice what we’re naturally drawn to. We spend money on the items we surround ourselves with because they make us FEEL good. Chances are that shade of green had something to do it. Would you have bought the same pillows if they were red?

We collect instinctively, gathering plants, books, clothes that comfort us from brands that inspire us. It’s not generally something we even think too hard about. Let these ideas guide you to your true brand colors.

When you take a good look, do you match your brand? I always feel a little silly when I realize how matchy matchy I can be because I’m not an intentionally matchy kinda gal. But on more than one occasion I’ve taken note of my blush top, blush nail polish, blush iPhone case. (Case in point, photo at top.) What can I say?! I guess I have feelings for blush.

(Part II coming soon… )

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